Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I was running a little behind "schedule" this morning. Sleep deprivation begins to take its toll during the week. For some reason, I find myself feeling tired when I go to bed around 10:30 and try to wake up at 5am.

It was 71 degrees at the bank when I rode by, but the air was heavy. I decided somewhere along the route, whether I even knew it or not, to take a different route to work today. I opted to head down to the Lake Street bridge and take the Midtown Greenway across town. I have found myself riding faster than I like to lately and my plan was to ride a little slower and try to stay cool.

I caught up to another rider while waiting for the light at Hiawatha. He asked about my Soma Coffee cup holder. We got to talking as we rode west. As much as I might consider myself to have somewhat of a introvert personality, I do tend to say hello and try to talk to pretty much anyone I see out in public. Sometimes the conversation is awkward and simply dies, other times, I feel a bit like a stray cat and could follow the person home.

Today's conversation was light and pleasant. We talked about the mental sanity that riding to work offers, how long the commute is, where we were going... When I explained that I was taking a slightly different route to a new job... that must have been just the clue that the person needed to identify me. Good job Velocipete for putting together the clues to identify me...

Which brings me to the thought that the internet really is an unusual tool for connecting people socially. I've heard rumors of nightmare encounters... but the people from MORC and through other social networking have been pleasant. Nice to meet you in person Pete, albeit briefly.


this verdant country said...

I bet Pete has been stalking you for months.

Pete said...

Shut up, Jim. You're going to tip him off! Can't a man stalk another man without people thinking it's strange?

this verdant country said...

I should have added "not that there's anything wrong with that."

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