Friday, July 13, 2007

The Light Is On

What a difference a couple of days make. Perhaps it's the realization that tomorrow is Friday and I can take a sigh of relief. Suffering from a general case of anxiety I think. I push myself too hard sometimes… this week I think is a good example. I know that according to my master plan of enjoying life that I am supposed to enjoy the process… But, I find myself looking forward to the weekend so that I can simply take a breath.

Funny, this week seems like there just has been no time. Part of it I think is the shift in hours on Monday and Tuesday. Since Wednesday, I have moved my hours up a bit so that I am getting here early. If I weren't so dang tired, I'd be up and on the road even earlier.

Generally tired and really feeling as though I am missing some stuff around work, I made the decision to drive to work yesterday. I'll concentrate on the positive, since that's really how I think of it:
  • I got a whole Rubbermaid tote full of supplies that I like to have at work. This will constitute my "work locker and food cache."
  • Driving and taking a day of the bike gave me some much needed rest. Not physical rest, but general fatigue from not sleeping enough etc.
  • I realized just how annoying it is to try to get back and forth to work in a car. It took me OVER an hour yesterday to get home. That's longer than it takes by bike. You can bet I was looking longingly out the window at the beautiful day saying to myself: "I wish I would have ridden my bike."

So, last night I put the wraps on rebuilding of my old 1993 Trek 520 in preparation for taking it on RAGBRAI. I rode it in this morning and plan on using it through next week prior to leaving to make sure that I give it a good shake down. Boy is it UGLY, but so far... so good. I made a slight saddle adjustment in angle. I think I need to move it down just a titch and I'll be pretty okay for logging some days.

With the switch to the Trek, I am using my old Lone Peak panniers. This makes the "unpacking" of my bike in the morning unnecessary. This is good, more convenient for just grabbing the bags and heading into the building. I think today, I am finally feeling a tad bit settled. I'm going to like this job, the light is on at the end of the tunnel.

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