Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday, Week 2

I tried posting by email and it seemed to work okay.... But, I didn't like the way that it held over a different font and such...

Tuesday of week number two of the new job. How am I doing? That's the million dollar question. There are a multitude of different ways in which to look at it. I could still be suffering post-traumatic-stress-disorder from my years working for my former employer. I do wonder how long I will wear those scars.

I have been working on an interesting and challenging project. The real challenge for me now is writing functions and code from scratch. I do miss so many of the software tools that I had at my disposal before. I've re-invented what I need for now, but there are so many things I wish I could just use.

Continuing to ride my bike to work every day. Now that I've been doing it for a while, I think that some people have come to accept that I might be sweaty or wearing shorts when I come up or go down on the elevator. Perhaps I am just adjusting.

There seems to be a lot happening on the home front too. Anika and I are preparing to head to Iowa for RAGBRAI this weekend. A little stop-over in Madison, WI on the way for a wedding and we should be somewhere in IA early next week. The tentative plan is for me to carry everything for the two of us on my bike. This will do a couple of things:
  1. Make it easier for Anika to ride
  2. Slow me down.

I have resurrected my 1993 Trek 520 for the duty. It's certainly no looker, not as comfortable as I would like, but given the shake-down runs of coming to and from work... it's performing admirably. It's really got some fantastic parts on it: XTR drivetrain, nearly new old stock White Industries 110mm BCD cranks, Schmidt Dynohub, Phil Wood, Nitto racks, Brooks Saddle, Nitto Noodle bars. But, I'm telling you... it's ugly.

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