Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Morning

Another beautiful ride into work today. The days are getting shorter...I got a late start and wasn't out the door until about 5:45am today. Rolled into the parking ramp here at 6:40. I think the temp was right around 60. I have to remind myself to continue working on my development of the "Clothing Spreadsheet"

Summer was easy. Now that the weather seemingly varies so much from day to day, morning to afternoon, I am having a little tougher time with clothing selection based on gut reaction. So, I am working on coming up with something like this:

I was cold this morning when I got to work when I went through my normal morning routine; lock up bike, walk into building, duck into shower. I haven't quite mastered just how long I need to leave the water running in the men's shower until it actually gets hot. I have gotten smart enough in my routine to turn on the water in the shower as soon as I walk into the locker room, but still it seems that the water doesn't really warm up. Part of me feels guilty for letting the water just run and run... so mostly I have been taking cold showers.

Today I stepped out of the cold shower, wet, shivering to realize that I had forgotten to take my pack towel out of my pannier. Dripping wet, I opened my pannier to retrieve my towel only to remember that it was packed on top of my loaf of bread that I brought in this morning. This wouldn't be significant unless of course you knew that my secret to bringing bread to work in a pannier without smashing it is to put it in the freezer and freeze it solid for at least a day and bring it to work as a frozen block.

So, when I got my towel out, it had ice crystals on it from the loaf of bread. Happy Monday morning! I'll get this figured out eventually!

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