Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pure Cycling Bliss

There was something just RIGHT this morning on the the ride in. I think it's really a combination of things...

Reason One:
I did my normal routine this morning, only it was nice today to see Anika. She couldn't sleep and was up, made a pot of coffee, and was reading the paper. It was a nice rare treat to have a little albeit brief company around the house before leaving. Normally, I somewhat sneak through the house in the dark, and leave quietly into the dark of the morning.

Reason Two:
I wore my new merino wool cycling shorts from Ibex out on their inaugural ride. Initial report on the feel of these shorts is supreme! An instant new favorite. Because of the price of these shorts, it's probably not a pair of shorts that I will wear on a regular basis. Probably more of pair for longer weekend rides. I say this because the frequent washing of shorts is what seems to wear them out quickly. Even though they are merino wool, they still have a synthetic chamois that will require regular washing.

Reason Three:
The bike just felt wonderful this morning. It was 60 degrees and I had the perfect level of clothing (duly noted for my new clothing/temperature matrix.)

I continue to work on keeping my motivation up and to work on getting excited about the potential to keep riding for as long as I can. Since selling our car, I guess that I really have little other choice.

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