Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sucker for Punishment

The most resounding response I received upon greeting coworkers today when I arrived at work was something along the lines of “You are crazy.” Yup.

By mid-day yesterday the temperature had dropped to around zero. By the time I arrived at home it was 10 below zero. I was sure happy that I make it a point of carrying with me a variety of extra clothing. I definitely needed some of it. I was fortunate though in the fact that I had mainly cross-wind and tail wind, otherwise it would have been MUCH colder.

Awoke and “enjoyed” a nice ride into work today with -14.6 °F showing on my home thermometer. 10-15 MPH headwinds. If I figure -15 and 15MPH winds, that makes for the magic temperature of -39° (both Celsius and Fahrenheit.)

I was dressed just right, regulated my body temperature well with exertion level and made for a SLOW ride in... 1 hour, 20 minutes. Although, I did take a little different and longer route in just for entertainment value. I am a sucker for punishment.

Monday - 30 - Commute
Tuesday - 30 - Commute
Wednesday - 30 - Commute

MTD/YTD - 740


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C'mon, nearly a week without a post? How can your weather/physical/running out of excuses challenged readers continue to live vicariously through you?

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