Wednesday, February 13, 2008

mid-February BLAHS.

Mid February… Mood is sour and finding a hard time recognizing the positive things. Riding in the cold and winter has lost it’s appeal (not that it had much to begin with for me.) Spent entirely too much time lately combing through 3rd person accounts of their attendance of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

I have little to say. Snow and near double digit below zero temps are on the horizon.

I’m not giving in though. I do have to stop thinking about and looking forward to warming weather. Concentrate on the now, enjoy the journey and not look forward to arriving at the destination.

Day #143 in a row. Keep riding.


mnultraguy said...

February is the hardest month for me. I am ready for Winter riding to be over, but know we have at least a few more weeks yet. Hang in there!

Me said...


You responded to my recent bizarreness so I owe ya...

A few thoughts:

1. Focus on the small things. And I mean all this seriously.

Watch your knees as you pedal. I do that from time to time and it helps. Try some different minor things too... like, sit really far forward on your saddle, and then really far back [almost off the thing]. Dig, or at least try to dig, how it feels. Don't know if you use a cyclometer, but if you do... try not looking at it. Set it to something else, the time of the day for instance. Anything but hacking away at 1/10's of miles. Anything.

2. And this one is gonna sound strange, but it helps [remember it's always the little things that make the biggest impact in life]... buy a new chain lube, a new blinky, an inner tube, anything. Look forward to using it, experiencing it on tomorrow's ride. It helps.

3. Fuck with your cockpit a little. Think about it... people in cars have all kinds of shit to tinker with during their commute. The radio, signals, phones, food-n-drink, their hair, whatever... do the same, but in a way that works. New bar tape, old bar tape, mount your cyclometer on the opposite side of where it's at now. Ride in the drops all the way there, 'hoods all the way back... something, anything to make it different.

4. If you sew, cool... if you don't, have your Mrs. [if she does] sew something on your jacket, bag, pants... a patch that you dig, that means something to you. Fly some colors.

Ride for something else other than the mere act of getting somewhere at a certain time. I don't mean go for a ride after you get home, I mean...

Ride for Something Different.

Ride for comfort, ride for CRC, ride for pain [ok, we already do that one], ride for slowness, ride for speed, ride for anger, ride for WalMart... ride for s o m e t h i n g.


Trick your mind, and 'fore you know it...

it'll be 98 and hot-n-humid as shit:

and you and me will be bitching about that too.

Keep Smiling.



Paul said...

What is so amazing Ken is that 999 out of a 1000 riders would have quit. You just keep going. That is why you are the person that you are.


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