Friday, November 13, 2009

Let's Try This Again?!

Some sort of divine intervention must have occurred last year. My post card never officially arrived at Guitar Ted Central. In hindsight, that's a good thing. But, this might just be about the dumbest thing I've done all year!

Registration opened this morning for TransIowa Version VI... What's TransIowa.... Linky Link
Gosh knows, I've learned that I can suffer... Hope I can turn the pedals for what will promise to be another painful adventure. Let the training begin...


Ari said...

Hi Ken,
I was so happy to see your name on the roster. I was happy to ride with you on that crazy wind version and glad to have see you last year. 2010 will be a good ride!!

Ari Andonopoulos
Sycamore, IL.

Reflector Collector said...

Good to see you made it too Ari. We'll see you come late April 2010 for what promises to be an exciting adventure!!

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